Best Tanning Beds In Woodbridge

We offer you some of the worlds best tanning beds right here  in Woodbridge Ontario Canada.

Matrix L33

The Matrix-L33 is considered to be the best High Pressure bed in the world. With 33 of the highest quality sun lamps, it is guaranteed to give you a perfect all around bronzing effect to the entire body. By using predominantly UVA rays, it allows your skin to achieve a deep and golden tan that is maintained in fewer visits. Once you have had one session in this amazing bed, it will be close to impossible to find anything that compares to it.

matrix tanning bed woodbridge

Silver Bullet Tanning Bed

A roomy self-contained air conditioned unit, along with side and shoulder tanners and pressure point reducers, make the Silver Bullet exceptionally luxurious. This bed also provides a faster, darker, longer lasting tan that requires fewer sessions to maintain.

  • 50 total lamps = 42 VHR body, 6 facial, 2 shoulderSilver bullet tanning bed Woodbridge
  • Larger than conventional tanning beds
  • 160 Watt UVB body lamps
  • Adjustable facial lamp controls
  • Adjustable air conditioning controls
  • Max time: 15 minutes


VHR Sun Capsule

Introducing our 48 VHR lamp stand-up, never any tan lines. Enjoy a full body tan all the way around, even on your sides and underarms! Men and women both enjoy the full body 360 degree Sun Capsule.


  • 48 – 160 Watt bulbs
  • 360 degree tanning
  • No-sweat cooling system
  • 15 minute max exposure time





Come by for a tan today in some of the best tanning beds in Woodbridge. We look forward to meeting you and helping you get a great tan !