Laser Hair Removal


For years both men and women have tried countless methods to rid their bodies of unwanted hair, much to their dismay most treatments were painful and only provided short term results. At the Laser Lounge Med Spa we utilize the latest and greatest medical grade Laser and IPL technology to provide our clients with a faster, more comfortable and best of all PERMANENT solution this age old problem.
The Laser Lounge Med Spa is thrilled to introduce the Synchero Replay to Canada. Made in Florence Italy and operated by many doctors and plastic surgeons worldwide, this state of the art medical laser is the first multiplatform laser operating at 3Hz. We are honored to be the first spa to provide this technology to the Canadian market.

The Synchro Replay is a multi platform laser utilizing ND:Yag 1064 and Alexandrtie wavelengths as well as IPL  technology. This allows our clinicians to customize each treatment to provide our clients with optimal results for their skin type and tanning habits. Nd:yag 1064 is most effective in treating clients who are naturally darker or actively tanning. The Alexandrite provides best results on those fairer complexions that are not exposed to sun regularly and IPL technology for those whom prefer this method for permanent hair reduction. These light based treatments target the melanin, from the bulb of the hair, in the follicle to heat up and thermally destroy it, inhibiting future growth. Treatments are fast and very comfortable and best of all no messy gels.

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